Actively expanding the minds and bodies of our youth through fundamental Action Sports and Media Arts Programming!

We at Go! Sports aim to nourish and invigorate every soul with positive creativity and exposure to the art of finding what you love to do..

Enjoy below a view samplings of our school year and after school programs.

Go! Sports is proud to present the Kingsbridge National Ice Center i2i (Inline to Ice) program at P.S. 86 Bronx. P.S. 86 is the largest elementary school in New York City and serves children from grades K through 6. The staff and students of this school are amazing and it's a pleasure to be able to share our love of skate sports with them through our 16 week progressive skill building program. We've worked with 15 classes grades 3-6 and got nearly 500 students skating in the first half of the school year alone. Beyond just skating there have been notable improvements in the students' attendance, behavior, performance and class chemistry as as result of their participation in i2i. We've started our next phase of the program with a new set of classes. And by the end of this school year will have taught nearly 1,000 to skate in this one school alone! A huge thank you goes out to all of the Kingsbridge staff: Kalinda Bogue, Mark Messier, and John Neary. The community of P.S. 86: it's staff, students and familes. And to our Go! Sports Coaches and staff members: Ray Mendez, Jon Ortiz, Jesus Medina, Kwoade Cross, Steve Cortez, and Aaron Encarnacion.

Serving the wonderful neighborhood of Kingsbridge in the Bronx, ISLA (International School for Liberal Arts) offers our skate programming to it's diverse high school students from all over the world who now call New York City home... We LOVE them!

Here is another one of our wonderful skate programs being run at The Sojourner Truth School in beautiful Harlem, USA..

And even another of our incredible skate programs running at The Nord Anglia International School in New York, New York..


We also love to do outreach, such as this collaboration with the S.A.S.F. (Sports And Arts In Schools Foundation) Summer Camp Skate Clinics! The look on these kids faces when they participate never fail to get us more motivated...

The Go! Sports USA family includes the NYC 16' graduating class of SkateIA nationally certified Skate Instructors. We pride ourselves in our expertise and passion, all of us are life long action sports participants who strive to pay it forward!

"There truly are no greater assets in human existence than the lives of our children.."  - co-founder Jon Ortiz



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All media provided by Ray Mendez and Jon Ortiz