Our mission is to promote the safe and controlled execution of the action sports through a series of fundamental lessons and exercises focused on passion, progression and patience.With the expressed intent of human enrichment, we aim to provide a programmed environment of excellence, creativity and happiness..


At the heart of Go!, we simply just love to teach. Early on as world traveling professional Action Sports athletes, co-founders Jon and Ray found that following their passion led them to places they had never been before.

Go! was founded on the premise that there is no better accelerant to success than exposure. And what we offer is full access programming encompassing all of the alternative sports that are becoming prevalent with the youth of today, taught by the highest caliber of world renowned certified instructors in their respective sports.

From being integrated into D.O.E. school day curriculum, to After School programs in both public and private schools, to Summer Camp clinics, we're literally the ground floor of access to Action Sports.

Simply, we are the definition of the word - Go!


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Go! Sports USA is the epitome of steering your passion towards success, because what they offer is the opportunity to find what you love and cultivate it into a possible life path filled with joy and unlimited possibilities..

What We've Achieved

  • In 2017 thus far, we have already taught over 5000 children in the City of New York alone.
  • We have the largest single elementary school Physical Education skate program in the nation, running at the largest elementary school in New York City.
  • We currently run after school programming in some of the most sought after private schools in the United States.
  • We operate the skate booth activation at the nation's largest single green space event, Summer Streets NYC. Look out for us in 2018 as we'll be celebrating our 10th year with Summer Streets!! Join us for a complimentary skate rentals and lessons, stay tuned!!!